The cost of the renovation work will depend on the condition of the existing structure, the extent of the work to be done and material prices. Costs of finishes and fixtures vary widely. A good budget checklist will help you to develop a realistic cost for the project before you start. Some of the items to include are:
Design changes.
Structural considerations.
Fixtures and appliances.
Moisture damage and deteriorated finishes.
Floor and wall finishes.
Plumbing and electrical problems.
Heating and ventilation.
Permit and inspection costs.
Waste disposal.
Use the House Assessment Worksheet to record the present condition, problems and to set priorities for your renovations. You may consider the following:                                           

Ceiling or MainFloor Structure 

Heating, Cooling and Ventilation System  

Electrical Service and House Wiring 

Plumbing and Fixtures  
Floors and Stairs Structure/Finishes  
Wall and CeilingStructure/Finishes 
Roof Structure/Finishes 
Exterior Wall Finishes 
Windows and Doors